The all natural glow up

Finest Mulberry silk accessories for accessible, everyday luxury. No substitutes - just happier hair, glowing skin and better sleep. Welcome to the club.

Join in the celebrity and beauty stylists longest and best kept secret

Upgrade your beauty sleep today to the #1 game changing silk sleep masks and pillowcases that will change the way you sleep!

  • Hypoallergenic

    Silk is the perfect material if you have allergies or sensitive skin, as it is naturally hypoallergenic and will resist dust mites. The sericin residue in silk fabric is a natural repellent that keeps away bacteria, mould and other common allergens. 

  • Anti-Aging

    Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells. Silk pillowcases can decrease wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin's hydration, which can make you look more youthful.

  • Temperature regulating

    Silk is a natural thermal regulator and maintains body temperature throughout the night. When it's cold, thanks to the air captured between the silk threads, the heat is kept inside creating an isolation effect. Will keep you cold in summer and warm in winter.

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