The Best Silk Scrunchies for Going Out

The Best Silk Scrunchies for Going Out

The luxurious feel of a silk scrunchies is not only reserved for home use. Going on a night out? Here are the best silk scrunchies to match any fit.

There is no better way to protect your hair than by accentuating your style using a silk scrunchie. They look expensive, they function well to keep your hair out of your face, and they can even match your outfit as an alternative to a bracelet. Here are the best scrunchies to wear on a night out, courtesy of the UNCU London team.

What are the best silk scrunchies to wear on a night out?

If you are heading out to party, make sure you take the essentials with you. 


The Party Ready Mulberry Silk Scrunchie Trio Pack

If you want to be party ready, you need an XL oversized scrunchie that makes your look pop. Stand out in style with a little mulberry silk finishing touch. Are you ready to be the life and soul of the party? The UNCU London everyday essentials XL silk scrunchies add softness to your outfit and keep your hair silky smooth. They come in a three pack, so you have choices in what matches your outfit. New customer? We even give you 15% off your first order. 


Add a Little Leopard

Everybody needs a little leopard print to go with that epic party dress you never get a chance to wear. Become the fashion forward favourite at any party with this pack of three impeccable leopard print silk scrunchies. If these lovely silk scrunchies to wear out are not girly enough for you, choose the rose leopard instead. This product is so popular that we added in extra colour variations for this Mulberry silk scrunchie set. What about teal blue, a mixed pack, or a startling red to go with your little red dress?


Try a Skinny Scrunchie

Skinny scrunchies, from UNCU London, all come with the same soft silk that you find throughout our website. These silky skinnies come in a pack of two and come in multiple colour options. Black skinny scrunchies remain the popular favourite, but you can get them in bright blue, dark blue, silver, white, purple and more. 


The Bunny Scrunchie

Silk bunny scrunchies are adorable. If you wish to buy a silk scrunchie online from a UK company, and you intend on wearing it as a bracelet until you get annoyed with your hair and tie it back: then these are for you. The silken tails on these scrunchies look like bunny ears, giving a gorgeous ribbon effect when it is in your hair or on your wrist. Try bunny scrunchies and you might never go back to plain silk again.


Why is a silk scrunchie better than cotton or satin?

If you do your hair the favour of choosing a silk scrunchie over a lesser material, you will avoid hair breakages when you take it out. Silk is good for your hair. It has antimicrobial properties where cotton will soak up any oils on your hair. It doesn’t fall out when you put it up, and the silken texture is touchable and soft. Next to a cotton scrunchie or the cheap satin alternative, silk scrunchies feel like a luxury item. We supply excellent quality hair wraps, pillowcases, and more. Shop online today to find your perfect product.

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