Our Story

'Our standards and quality are as high as your expectations.'

About Us

No passwords or secret handshakes. You’re in.  Discover the beauty industry’s longest held and best kept secret here at UNCU London. We’re all about accessible, everyday luxury designed for the modern woman (that’s you) who’s short on time and big on results. So we use the very best we can get our hands on - namely all natural luxury 6A Mulberry Silk with a 22-momme (meaning it’s the softest, purest and most densely woven premium silk) and some of the finest the world has to offer. Our complete collection of Mulberry Silk products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified too, so we’re free from chemicals and other nasties. No substitutes - just smoother hair, clearer skin and better sleep.  Consider this a glow up. Welcome to the club.  


Our Mission

At UNCU London we always look to luxury as a way of standing out. Silk, and particularly the high quality mulberry silk we use, is the natural way to optimise healthy skin, smooth hair and great sleep – all things we believe the modern woman deserves! Our mission is to instil everyday luxury in every home, helping our customers combat and say goodbye to the acne and other skin, hair and sleep issues caused by harsh materials and toxic fabric dyes. Because a silk-led life is a happy life.  

Why us?

Our complete collection of Mulberry silk products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, so we’re free from chemicals and other nasties. 

  • The miracle products you have been waiting for after years of trying expensive hair products from many different brands, UNCU London silk hair accessories help to tackle frizz, snagging and breakages. 
  • Ideal for tying up problematic hair for bed.
  • Made from soft and luxurious 22-momme Mulberry silk fabric that feels wonderful on the skin.
  • Our silk is sourced from its origins in China and designed in London, UK.


Our Products

Mulberry silk has long been the beauty industry’s best kept secret, with everything from silk pillowcases to eye masks and hair wraps taking the market by storm. UNCU London exclusively uses 6A Grade Luxury 22-momme 100% Mulberry silk across all of its products, helping consumers combat the problems associated with low quality bedding, heavy fabric masks and substandard hair products. 


UNCU London products are for you if: 

  • You cant live without silk and long for the best morning start with cozy and comfortable luxury bedding. 
  • Your old pillowcases are in desperate need of an upgrade.
  • You want your silk to last longer through weekly washes.
  • You want to reap up all the silk benefits including knot and tangle free hair.
  • You want to keep your eyes and skin looking and feeling fresh while you sleep.
  • You enjoy self care evenings with silk and luxury skin/haircare products.
  • You are struggling to find hair accessories that are gentle on curly hair.
  • You are looking for a luxurious treat for you and your hair.


We promise that all our products:

  • Wash well, are long lasting and don’t get foggy after washing.
  • Stop hair getting knotty underneath while sleeping.
  • Stop the hair pulling and snagging.
  • Help with insomnia, tossing and turning in bed. 
  • Help tame frizzy, dry, damaged split ends and hair falling out after washing and brushing.
  • Keep the sensitive area around the eyes hydrated while sleeping, whilst keeping the eyes and skin looking and feeling fresh.
  • Have been sourced in China and designed in London, UK.


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