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About Us

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Discover the beauty industry’s longest held and best kept secret here at UNCU London. We’re all about accessible, everyday luxury designed for the modern woman (that’s you) who’s short on time and big on results. So we use the very best we can get our hands on - namely all natural luxury 6A Mulberry Silk with a 22 momme (meaning it’s the softest, purest and most densely woven premium silk) and some of the finest the world has to offer. Our complete collection of Mulberry Silk products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified too, so we’re free from chemicals and other nasties. No substitutes - just smoother hair, clearer skin and better sleep.

Consider this a glow up. Welcome to the club.

Our Mission

At UNCU London we always look to luxury as a way of standing out. Silk, and particularly the high quality mulberry silk we use, is the natural way to optimise healthy skin, smooth hair and great sleep – all things we believe the modern woman deserves! Our mission is to instil everyday luxury in every home, helping our customers combat and say goodbye to the acne and other skin, hair and sleep issues caused by harsh materials and toxic fabric dyes. Because a silk-led life is a happy life.

How Are We Different?

We exclusively use 6A Grade Luxury 22-momme 100% Mulberry silk across all of our silk products, helping our customers combat the problems associated with low quality bedding, heavy fabric masks and substandard hair products.

Our Products

Mulberry silk has long been the beauty industry’s best kept secret, with everything from silk pillowcases to eye masks and hair wraps taking the market by storm. UNCU London exclusively uses 6A Grade Luxury 22-momme 100% Mulberry silk across all of its products, helping consumers combat the problems associated with low quality bedding, heavy fabric masks and substandard hair products. 

Our eco-friendly packaging promise 

When it comes to postage and packaging we're committed to reducing our environmental impact by promising to reuse and recycle. We will only ever use necessary packaging to protect your goods. We promise to never send you a large box for a small item! Our EVA product bags are BPA free and do not contain chlorides, heavy metals, phenols, latex and other toxic substances. Our black packaging boxes are made from kraft paper cardboard.  The branded stickers we use for your goods are fully recyclable. We will always use recyclable mailing bags for your order - our white shipping bags are 100% biodegradable and reusable. We would always encourage you to reuse any packaging that we send you in the first instance before sending it to be recycled. If any of our packaging has come to the end of its life we promise to recycle it appropriately.

Our Founder 

UNCU London was founded during the pandemic with the aim of supporting in style, outfitting customers in and around London with sleek silk masks and hair accessories – using the finest materials and designs to provide breathability, style and a perfect fit every time.

Having worked in fashion for over 11 years, Eliis’s fashion career started in 2010 in Los Angeles where she managed international designers for Celebrity Style Lounges, such as Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmy’s and Cannes just to name a few. In November 2011, Eliis launched her first business - Elpromotions Model and Events Agency based in London and Ibiza. The following year, in 2012 Eliis founded Birmingham International Fashion Week® in Birmingham, England with a vision to push international interest with the work of designer’s collections. 5 years later during a lockdown of a worldwide pandemic, Eliis used her creative juices and spare time to launch her first E-Commerce brand with an aim to provide everyday luxury for a modern woman.

Eliis Ashley Ruus Founder of Elpromotions Agency and UNCU LondonEliis has a BSc Degree in Business Management from Brunel University in London. 

"I am a strong believer that every business is a success, you started it - you built something from an idea - so you are already successful. With UNCU London we had to find ways to stand out in an incredibly vast competition and more so competing with large online retailers who sell the same product with a fraction of the price due to the quantities they sell. We are a small business and count on our repeat customers who believe in the brand and love the quality and designs."

The collections mirror her love of fashion, art and global travels in the relaxed laid-back elegance and the bold and dark feminine colours.


Eliis Ashley Ruus

CEO & Founder