10 Easy Beauty Hacks for Summer Ready Hair, Skin, and Nails

10 Easy Beauty Hacks for Summer Ready Hair, Skin, and Nails


Hot girl/guy/NB summer is back. Are you ready to rock your summer body? These hacks will help you put your best foot forward - onto that sandy beach!

Preparing your summer look is a chore every year. Society puts so much pressure on us to look our best that we strive each year for perfection. There might be no such thing as the perfect body, but there is such a thing as a perfect beauty routine. 


The 10 Simple Beauty Hacks You Need for Skin, Hair, and Nails, this Summer.

Before you jet off to sunny climes or even just relax in the garden, here are some summer beauty hacks that take no time at all.


Face and Skin

1 – The Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases protect your skin and hair from night time damage. Your skin can look aged in the morning due to ‘sleep wrinkles.’ These happen when we spend all night with our faces pressed against a standard pillow. Switch that pillow out for a Mulberry silk pillow and you will wake up fresh faced each morning. 


2 – Use a Sleep Mask

As you can imagine, the best quality of fabric to create a sleep mask from is Mulberry silk. Sustainable, anti-aging, and soothing to your eye area, using a sleep mask will make a big difference to your complexion over time. You can buy a full sleep set to save money on all that silk, here.


3 – Or a Face Mask

Covid-19 left us with a lasting legacy of good personal hygiene. If you would like to give yourself an extra layer of protection, you may use a face mask. This Mulberry silk face mask contains all the soothing, cooling, anti-microbial benefits of silk, so you can soothe your skin while you stay alert.


4 – Moisturise Everything

Summer means dry heat and prickly skin. Instead, fight back with a luxury, sustainable, UK-based moisturiser that’s ideal for those dry days. Try the ESPA Optimal Skin product with 30SPF. 



Hair Beauty Hacks

5 – The Silk Scrunchie 

Using silk scrunchies for your hair carries on the good work that your Mulberry silk pillowcase does for you in the morning. Hair loves silk since it is hypoallergenic, smoothing, and contains natural fibres. They also look expensive. 


6 – Keep your Curls

Whether you have curly or straight hair really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you choose a UK-based, eco-friendly haircare range to minimise your carbon footprint and keep you looking suave. We love Rhyme & Reason, who make all their bottles from 100% recycled materials. For summer, try the nourish and gloss range. 


7 – Luxury Looks – With Floss

Army cadets have long since used this beauty hack for your hair. When you want to achieve that Arianna Grande luxuriously smooth, sleeked back pony tail, use a piece of dental floss placed parallel to your middle parting and drag it down or back, flat against your hair. All those loose ends will disappear.


Nail Beauty Hacks for Summer

8 – Cruelty-Free

There are less-than-ethical nail polish brands which you should avoid. If you are seeking new nail polish, try London Grace. A cruelty-free supplier.


9 – Buff and Shine

Summer nails get dry and cracked just like our summer skin can. Spend a little money on a cheap nail block. They have a buff, file, polish, and finish side. Use all four sides and your natural nails will be gorgeous without the polish.


10 – Old Wives’ Tricks

This nail hack involves rubbing Vaseline into your nails daily to protect them and moisturise them. We recommend you try Vegeline, instead, as a plant-based alternative. 


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