Do Silk Pillowcases Really Benefit your Skin and Hair?

Do Silk Pillowcases Really Benefit your Skin and Hair?

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Legend holds that silk pillowcases improve your hair – and it’s a legend we live by, here at UNCU London. We know it is not a myth, but we also know that there are people out there who can’t quite believe it. 


Today, we are turning our attention towards the benefits of silk pillowcases and asking if the legend is really true or not. We already know the answer, of course, but here is the science to back it up.


The Legend of Silk Pillowcases

Beauty and hair experts have kept the secret of the Mulberry silk pillowcase for decades now. Recently, and thanks to social apps like TikTok, silk pillowcases are going viral. Once reserved for BME women, silk now graces the bed spreads of UNCU London clients throughout Britain. Why? Because they smooth your hair and your face. 


Beauty experts and hairdressers believe silk pillowcases do the following things:
  • Smooth out your hair.
  • Gives you a good night’s sleep.
  • Prevents tangles.
  • Helps your skin stay smooth.
  • Minimizes wrinkles.
  • Provide hypoallergenic sleeping experiences.
  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Contains amino acids to treat your skin while you sleep.


What is the Science Behind Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Of the above list, there is only one which is untrue. The idea that silk contains amino acids which can help your skin. Now, there are amino acids and protein chains known as silk protein, fibroin, or sericin. These amino acid chains come from the cocoon of the silk worm itself. However, these proteins do not transmit between pillow and person. Chemists often extract these proteins at the beginning of the cycle to add them to hair and skincare products. But what about our other benefits? 


Do Silk Pillowcases Smooth Your Hair?

Yes. Absolutely. Not only does the non-abrasive surface smooth your hair, but the effect on hair follicles might even make your hair grow faster.


Do You Sleep Better with a Silk Pillowcase?

We couldn’t find any studies into this. It is widely accepted that silk bedding disperses any sweat or water-induced-discomfort while you sleep. Silk bedsheets don’t soak up that moisture like cotton ones do, leaving you with a better sleep.


Does Silk Stop Your Hair Tangling?

Yes it does. That non-abrasive, silky smooth material doesn’t grip your hair like other fabrics does. This leads to free-flowing hair and less tangles and frizz.


Does Silk Help Your Skin Stay Smooth?

Not only does silk stop your skin from absorbing any nastiness from your pillow, but scientists also even suggest that people suffering from Dermatitis could benefit from full silk clothing as it does not carry the same bacteria as your standard clothing might. 


Can a Silk Pillowcase Prevent Wrinkles?

We love this question! Yes, silk can stop you getting wrinkles. How? Sleeping on the silk pillowcase from UNCU London means you don’t have a surface underneath your face which presses into the skin. Have you ever noticed sleep wrinkles on your face? Silk prevents them.


Is a Silk Pillowcase Hypo-Allergenic?

Yes and no. Silk is not naturally anti-microbial, but the chemicals we use to treat silk worm and spider silk with are. Certain chemicals, scientists found, inhibited the bactericidal properties of the silk. For example, proteinase K has an adverse impact.


Will Silk Irritate My skin?

Definitely not. It is hypo-allergenic for all skin types.


Where to Buy Silk Hair Products?

You can purchase your new Mulberry silk pillowcases here at UNCU London. We also offer diverse silk products to smooth your skin and hair. Try a silk facemask for shopping, silk scrunchies for tying your hair up on bedhead days, and even sets which include pillowcases and sleeping masks. Go on, get your Mulberry on, you will never look back once you do.


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