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UNCU London

'Superb Workmanship - True Brand Quality.' 

Our luxury silk products include our best-selling Mulberry silk masks that are kind to your skin and even better - they are actually breathable! You will wonder how you ever survived without it. Designed for the fashion set (of course), we made sure our silk hair scrunchies and headbands match your face mask. Because why not? Oh and if you are prone to losing your mask, don't worry as our face mask chains have got you covered! Our new range of silk eye masks, hair wraps and silk pillowcases ensure the best quality sleep!

That said, UNCU London masks should not be used as medical masks or personal protective equipment (PPE). Our fashion face masks will not protect you from Coronavirus but they will help to prevent you spreading your own germs. Your fashion face mask should be worn safely following official government guidance - so keep it clean!

At UNCU London, we believe it is our responsibility as a collective to wear face masks; not only to protect each other, but to reduce the impact of Coronavirus on our community. All our fabric face coverings are made of beautiful cotton materials with a variety of prints and designs to choose from, so you keep safe in style. That said, UNCU London masks should not be used as medical masks or personal protective equipment (PPE).

All our packaging is made from biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly materials and is reusable. Winner!

Exclusive Satin Travel Pouch

You wouldn’t wipe your face with the bottom of your handbag or the inside of your pocket - but you might as well if you keep your face mask in unsuitable places! All our masks come with a protective travel pouch to keep them clean until the next use (although we’d recommend washing after every public use, if possible). 

All our luxury silk products come with:

  • Safe and secure packaging
  • Black luxury satin protective pouch (included with silk face masks only)
  • Filter pocket for changeable filters if needed (cotton masks only)
  • Adjustable soft elastic ear loops

    Spread the word, and do it in style with UNCU London!