Winter Skin and Haircare done right with silk!

Winter Skin and Haircare done right with silk!

How About You Show Your Skin and Hair Some Love With our Winter Skincare and Haircare Products?

winter skin and haircare tips by UNCU London

Why our products will help you?


When it comes to hair, there are several hair problems we all hate. That’s frizzy hair, annoying hair loss, oily hair, and worst of them all - dry hair! Many hair styling products (with added chemicals/high heat) usually cause hair loss. When the hair’s moisture level drops below average, the result is the dreaded frizz!


Other times our hair problems arise because of over-perming, overheating, and also mainly due to the type of hair ties being used. In the long run, you’ll start to notice the same happening to your skin. If you have dry and dull hair, your skin is probably dry as well. We could take forever talking about what leads to all these hair and skin problems.


Whatever your story, we think every woman should have amazing bomb healthy hair and complexion. 
The secret lies in using pure silk scrunchies, headbands, and pillowcases for hair plus Mulberry silk face masks for your skin. You’ll be thanking us in no time!


You must be thinking a scrunchie, headband, and pillowcase is what’s going to solve my problems? Sounds like a joke right?  Hear us out about these products that aren’t just your usual headbands scrunchies and pillowcases. They are made of “22-momme pure Mulberry silk material”.

How does silk really help your hair and face?

Using silk pillows and scrunchies at night/daytime can improve the health of your hair. Silk nourishes and strengthens your hair, making it less brittle and prone to breakage. If you’re looking for a way to retain your hair’s natural moisture and oils, silk is far better option than cotton. Silk will be the present you wish you’d given yourself if you have dry hair or an itchy scalp.


A silky, slick texture prevents frizz, knots, and breakage, resulting in lustrous and healthy hair. If you’re spending money on high-quality hair products, such as deep conditioners and regular trims, you should make the move to silk. Supporting your hair at night as you sleep is made easier by using silk pillowcases and scrunchies.
Aside from the obvious health benefits to your hair, sleeping on silk may also help your hair grow longer and healthier.

Here are some of our best-selling hair products we recommend

In addition to preventing frizz, authentic silk hair wraps for hair ensure constant moisture by managing oil distribution. Available at £45.00
Nourishes and cares for your hair while you sleep, this luxurious silk pillowcase takes care of your hair, skin, and overall well-being. Available for only £50.00.
Hair breakage and wrinkles can be avoided with a scrunchie that is fashionable and goes for only  £25.00 for the set of three.
Our elasticated silk scrunchie is comfortable and strong enough to handle any hairstyle without snagging or damage.
Silk Hair wraps and other products can all be purchased from our website.

Final thoughts

The choice to have amazing hair and good skin is entirely up to you, of course, it would be perfect if you applied the knowledge we shared in this article for the best results and that’s silk scrunchies, headbands, facemasks, and pillows. So join the cult, get in touch with us on +44 (0) 330 113 9239 or email We are always happy to help you improve your skin and hair.
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