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Leading London-based face mask brand undergoes a revamp

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We changed our name! With the launch of a new season comes the launch of a new brand – UNCU London

Autumn is now well and truly upon us – the season where suddenly we are confronted with scarves and coats, looking for ways to tie our face masks in with the rest of our Autumnal accessories in order to create and outfit worthy of ‘the gram’. The season where London face masks suddenly shift in appearance, taking on new designs, new colours, and new materials to provide comfort as well as style. And the season where everyone needs a little boost in morale and excitement.

Here at face mask HQ, we have been listening to our customers feedback, and we have heard the cries for even more fashion, even more comfort, and even more user friendly designs. As a result, we’re proud to present a brand new name to go with our brand new website – and our brand new product line… (and really, is there anything more inspiring and exciting than a brand new product launch?!)

What is UNCU London

UNCU London is a brand which seeks to balance fashion and style in with everything going on across the world right now.

It is a brand which accepts its place in the market as the beneficiary of social responsibility, and it lets you know that WE ‘C U’ – we see you. We hear you. And we want to give you what you want.

More than that, UNCU London is a brand with a sole focus on comfort and luxury and everything that comes with it. Whether that be the masks themselves or the extra accessories designed to make them more user friendly and more stylish. All our face masks are crafted from 100% mulberry silk or completely natural cotton, with both material finishes providing a soft and clean surface which is styled and tailored to fit around the face, fitting into the contours of your facial structure with ease thanks to our new range of sizes.

Every mask also comes with its own gorgeous black satin pouch for transport and hygienic storage.

By offering silk masks suitable for sensitive skin, and cotton face coverings designed to provide the clean and simple structure of a natural material - UNCU London is one of the leading brands offering variety in construction as well as luxury and design.

But that’s not all.

Celebrating the fact we changed our name, a new brand with a whole new product line. The real focus of UNCU London is on making face masks fashion forward, uniquely stylish, and easy to wear and use – wherever you go.

With global guidelines adhering to the need for masks across indoor and confined spaces, finding ways of making face masks appeal to the mass market has always begged the question – what is it that people NEED? And what is it that they want?

The result? Masks with tailor-made fits and different sizes. Complimentary accessories. Mask chains designed to hold a mask in place even as the chill of Winter and Autumnal breezes hit us hard. Package deals and everyday luxury options which give you the opportunity to reach beyond the norm and turn your mask into a part of your identity. Masks which take the finest and most innovative design concepts and turn them into decorative statement pieces. Brands which listen and which reach out to help. 

With UNCU London, you don’t just get a high quality face mask. You get a product which has been designed with YOU in mind, making the concept of buying a face mask something which can be revelled in rather than dreaded.

The fact is, just like us, face masks aren’t going away anytime soon. The world is on pause, and life as we know it is shifting every day. The only constant is that, for now, masks are in. So why not use them to bring a little sparkle into your daily life?

All our new mulberry silk face masks and cotton face masks are available in a range of colours and styles, with different size options to choose from.

Shop all collections here.



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