Eliis Ashley Ruus Founder of Elpromotions Agency and UNCU London

UNCU London Founder Eliis Ashley Ruus features on "The Fix" by Beautifully Nourished

Eliis Ashley Ruus Founder of Elpromotions Agency and UNCU London

Our CEO Eliis Ashley Ruus spoke to Beautifully Nourished Founder & CEO, Katherine Elyse Blake about her weekly self-care ritual, tips for quality sleep, what made her more appreciative in the pandemic and tips for female founders.

Eliis also revealed how UNCU London silk masks can prevent the dreading "maskne", compared to other face masks widely available, stating "Mulberry silk masks contain natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. They also contain natural cellular albumen which speeds up the metabolism of skin cells".

Ellis further explains "The sericin residue in silk fabric is a natural repellent that keeps away bacteria, mould and other common allergens. It's the perfect choice for those with particularly sensitive skin, as it’s free of any potential irritating added chemicals so it can be worn safe in the knowledge that there’s no risk of causing an eczema flare up, skin rashes and redness."

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Stay on the look-out for our Q&A with Beautifully Nourished Founder & CEO.

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