The Benefits of a Silk Hair Wrap

Transform Your Hair Overnight: The Benefits of a Silk Hair Wrap

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Looking for ways to instantly improve your hair, your look, and your mood? UNCU London can help you transform your hair overnight.

For generations, women everywhere have understood the benefits of wrapping their hair in silk overnight. Silk hair wraps protect your hair against tangles and keep your blow dry or curls perfect. If you would like to indulge in an overnight hair transformation sensation, we have both the knowledge and the products to help you on your way.


Why Wrap Your Hair in Silk Overnight?

Wrapping your hair in silk overnight can prevent it from becoming dull and frizzy, making it glossy and shiny instead. Wrapping your hair is a tactic Black woman have known about for centuries, but that is only now making its way into mainstream culture. Silk protects the hair from damage, tangling, and split ends. Better still, wrapping your hair in some of our sumptuous, luxurious Mulberry Silk hair wraps ensures you maintain your carefully curated style, overnight.

We all hate to spend a day at the salon, then wake up the next morning to find all the hard work is gone. Untidy, tangles, and dull hair are preventable. A silk pillowcase is not simply better for your hair, either. Studies show it makes a marked improvement on your complexion, too. Silk is good for your skin.

We dare you to try it for yourself. Those who try wrapping their hair in silk overnight never go back to bed heads, ever again.


How to Wrap Your Hair in Silk?

Now that we all know that silk protects our hair and skin, we need to know how to wrap our hair in it. If you choose one of our elegant silk wraps for your hair, UK based customers can enjoy easy wrapping using the ‘hair plopping’ method. 


‘Plopping’ Your Hair

To use this technique, use one of our luxurious Mulberry Silk hair wraps. This works best for preserving curls. You can do this to dry your hair or to preserve the style. Stand with your head down and your curls upside down. ‘Plop’ them into the wrap, then bring the wrap over your head like a towel. You do not need to wrap it tightly.


Wrapping A Straight Style

If you have styled your hair and wish to preserve it, you can ‘plop’ it into one of our wraps if it is curly. For straight styles, start by wrapping your hair around the top of your head in a crown and pinning it into place. This video should help. 


Wrapping with a Durag

You can use a Durag instead. These are common in America. They are a square of silk with strips on either end. Place the square on your head with the strips on either side. Run the strips around the back of your head laying the silk flat to your scalp. Bring the ties around to the front to tie them. You can then use the square of material as a silk bonnet to tuck your hair.


The Perfecting Touches to Flawless Hair

Finally, there is one further step you can take to ensure pristine curls, preserved blow outs, and perfectly set hair. Twin your silk wrap with a silk pillow. These exquisite Mulberry Silk pillows will cushion your head and your hair while you sleep. The combination of both products makes for a blissful, luxurious feeling. More importantly, however, it will help you maintain those luscious locks.

Sweet dreams. 

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