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Top tips on preventing maskne

how to prevent maskne and face acne by uncu london

'Maskne' just got real! And here's how to stop it

When wearing face masks is no longer an option, how do we stop and avoid getting that dreaded 'maskne'? We have curated a list of useful tips to answer some of those questions for you.

Wear a pure silk face mask: Yes we know - silk masks can be pricey, but they are worth the investment. Our customers have been raving on about our best-selling black mulberry silk face mask that's breathable and has stopped skin acne altogether! A total winner in our eyes. As we know silk is naturally hypoallergenic, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Just check out the amazing reviews on our website if you are still in doubt whether to treat your face to silk.

Keep your mask clean at all times: If you’re wearing a reusable fabric face mask, make sure you wash it at least every couple of wears. Remember that a dirty face mask is a breeding ground for acne! 

Level up your face cleansing routine: Ensure you wash and cleanse your face twice a day, morning and evening. Look for a salicylic acid based face wash, which can go deep into the pores to purge them of breakout-causing oils, dirt and dead cells. We also recommend a weekly clay mask to which is great for clearing out the pores of all debris and preventing maskne.

Opt for an oil-free moisturiser: It’s tempting to skip the moisturiser to cut down on greasiness. However, this will only make your skin overcompensate by producing even more oils, which will take you down the acne route much faster. Instead, look for oil-free versions.

Wear less make-up: Luckily for us, most of us are stuck at home without the need for layers of foundation. When makeup gets trapped in a hot and humid micro-climate (like the one under your mask!) it’s a fast road to clogged pores and consequent breakouts. Absolutely cannot skip the make-up? Use oil-free and non-comedogenic ranges and always remove at the end of the day.

Why mulberry silk for preventing face acne?

Our range of mulberry silk face masks not only combat the comfort factor, but provide a solution which looks and feels great, as well as providing optimum breathability and naturally hypoallergenic properties. Just check out our amazing reviews on Trustpilot to see why so many of you love our soft and breathable Mulberry masks. It's a game changer! (we promise you!)

For many of us, we need to wear a face covering for a prolonged period - and this can be uncomfortable, or more-commonly have negative impact on health and complexion of your skin. 

Our mulberry silk face masks are:

  • Perfectly tailored for a comfortable fit.
  • Have fabulous colours and designs.
  • Quick and easy to hand wash, and fast to dry. 
  • Non-disposable, much better for our environment.

The science suggests that masks are a key aspect in overcoming Covid - and that masks are preventing the spread of the disease. You’re less likely to catch or share Covid if you wear a mask.  

Choosing reusable masks also means far less impact on the environment - we’ve all seen the increased number of masks littering our communities alongside the fast-food boxes and wrappers.

We’ve spent a great deal of time sourcing the very best masks that are as great for your skin as they are comfortable - and they look fabulous. Our 100% Mulberry masks come in a range of colours to match any outfit or occasion. 

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