valentines day gift guide to gifting silk sleep masks and pillowcases

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - The Ultimate Guide To Gifting Silk

uncu london valentines day gift guide to gifting silk

SHOP: Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and we wanted to share the best luxury silk gift ideas with you. During the past year, we’ve had plenty of time to work out what, and most crucially, who is important and that's the people we love and care about. Whether that’s our partner, family or bestie who is always by your side. So remind them just how wonderful they are this Valentine's Day!

On a budget? Don't worry, our top selling silk gifts are starting from just £10. We have listed all your favourite silk gifts and accessories, from scrunchies to sleep masks to hair bonnets that have been exclusively selected and something we would love to receive. 

So use it for inspiration, wish list or simply a Valentine's month treat to yourself, you will most certainly find something you will absolutely adore in this list.

Now, let's get scrolling and answer that very important question in everyone's mind this year - what do we want our Valentine to buy us this year? 


UNCU London Rose Gold Leopard Silk Scrunchie (£12)

The use of 100% Mulberry silk scrunchies ensure that hair oils are not lost, allowing for more nourished hair. All handcrafted from a luxurious 22-momme mulberry silk also prevents hair breakage, kinks, split ends and frizz. 

UNCU London Mulberry Silk Sleep Set (£60)

Worth over £85! Enjoy the ultimate luxury with our exclusive Mulberry silk pillowcase and sleep mask gift set this Valentine's Day. Gift set includes our best-selling silk pillowcase and Mulberry silk sleep mask. 


UNCU London Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap (£25)

Now on sale at £25! Comes in Black, Pink, Champagne Gold and Leopard!

UNCU London Mulberry Silk Scrunchie Trio In Rose Gold Leopard (£30)

Imagine a scrunchie that is stylish, affordable, and able to prevent hair breakages and crinkles. These should be the top qualities to look out for when shopping for scrunchies. Our 100% mulberry silk hair scrunchies are a must have in your everyday haircare routine.

UNCU London Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (Now £40)

Choose from Marble, Pink or Black. Oh, we'll take all three thanks! 

UNCU London Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask (Now £25)


We hope that has inspired you this year to choose your perfect silk gift. If you long for silky smooth and healthy skin & hair - silk is the answer! 


Read more about the amazing benefits of silk and why gifting silk will be the best decision you will make this year! (yes we are confident you wont be able to live without it).


Just check out our amazing customer Reviews to find out why thousands of you have chosen silk and UNCU London.







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