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The latest from UNCU London

The latest from UNCU London as we talk face masks, public safety, and behind the scenes of the UK’s favourite cloth mask designers.

They say that the best ideas come from the discovery of an untapped demand on the market. And with the government’s announcement that face masks are to become mandatory on public transport from the 15th June 2020, the launch of UNCU London – both our products and our newsletter - could not come at a better time. 

Located right in the heart of the city, and with 10 new designs ready to drop on day one of the new guidelines, here at UNCU London we are committed to ensuring that our communities are protected without having to hide who they are. How are we doing that? Through an exciting new fusion of style and safety. 

Why choose UNCU London

Here at UNCU London we offer reusable face masks with one key difference – we aren’t trying to separate style from community responsibility. Rather, our operation exists with one key mission:

To allow style and safety to co-exist in harmony; giving our customers a chance to celebrate both their community responsibility, and their individual style.

How do we do that? With high quality reusable face masks which embody the best in modern and contemporary design influences, from delicate florals to bold statement monochrome prints, animal prints and popular motifs. 

After all, face masks are no longer optional. And while they may not protect you from catching the virus, what they do achieve is a containment of your own germs – meaning that every single person who wears a fabric mask is doing their bit to protect those around them.

Face masks are all about public safety, but nowhere in those regulations does it say our face masks have to hide who we are, and so today we’re delighted to announce that from 15th June we will begin shipping our first collection of face masks – with a secondary collection following just days later on 29th June, boasting 15 new designs. You can browse the full collections on our website! 

And that’s not all. 

Our protective masks may be reusable and washable, and they may be made with 100% cotton specially designed to be breathable and comfortable for those walking, travelling and even exercising; but they are also part of something bigger. They are part of our commitment to helping the community protect themselves and their loved ones, without losing sight of who they are as individuals too. 

Yes, we are all in this together. But that doesn’t mean we should forget how unique we all are too!

To celebrate the launch of this exciting innovation set to brighten up a challenging and unprecedented time, all customers who sign up for our newsletter will receive not just behind-the-scenes information and special deals, but also 10% off their first order – with pre-orders of reusable masks available now!

For regular updates and to keep on top of the latest designs, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and engage with our network using the hashtag #unculondon. 

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