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Silk Face Masks: a premium product offering premium protection

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When it comes to selecting and choosing a material that you know to be premium – both in quality and overall feel – silk comes out close to the top. A natural fibre which is derived from a protein product created by insect larvae inside their cocoons, silk is at the top of its game in the fashion and homeware sectors, and has most recently been picked up by companies responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with the creation of reusable face masks.

Here at UNCU London, our entire existence is founded on identifying gaps in an ever-evolving market and responding to the demand of customers. Since face coverings and non-surgical face masks were declared to be compulsory across the UK in all enclosed spaces including shops and public transport hubs - our range of reusable masks have seen a huge spike in sales. Customers are leaning more towards face masks that enable them to retain a little of their fashion forward mindset even while covering their face.

Of course, understanding what the customer wants is best achieved by listening to what they are missing – and in the case of face coverings, particularly on warmer days, it seems that comfort and temperature regulation are the key factors that many existing designs are lacking.

Our new range of silk face masks, recently featured on ITV favourite This Morning, not only combat the comfort factor, but provide a solution which looks and feels great, as well as providing optimum breathability and naturally hypoallergenic properties.

The fact is, wearing a face covering in the UK is not particularly comfortable, especially when the weather is hot and very muggy and close, however with our range of 100% silk face masks, you can finally put on a mask which provides a highly effective barrier against the transfer of the virus, while also providing the user with a more breathable experience which protects the skin.

Made with two layers of 100% high quality mulberry silk, UNCU London’s new collection of silk face coverings are designed to elevate the experience of wearing a mask from compulsory to something close to pleasant. Silk face masks are allowing you to protect those around you while still remaining fashionable, looking after your skin and promoting the use of reusable washable masks.

For those who suffer from skin sensitivity and breakouts, you will be aware that the enforcement of face masks in the UK are doing nothing for your complexion, particularly with a combination of hot weather and non-woven fabrics in disposable masks adding to your skin irritation – with the world now referring to face mask induced breakouts as 'maskne'. Likewise, those who suffer from feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed in tight spaces are frequently finding that the tight fitting PPE face masks are restrictive and can be uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

What our 100% silk masks do is turn one of the fashion world’s most luxurious and premium materials into a product designed for your face – helping to prevent breakouts and ensuring that sensitive skin is not irritated further by a harsh material. Your face and skin is the one expression of personality that will always be with you and looking after it is super important – no matter what age you are. Meanwhile the adjustable elastic ear loops allow for more of a tailored fit, suitable for longer use.

With silk masks available in a range of both bold and more lowkey and neutral colours, including black, grey and champagne, what UNCU London have succeeded in doing, since day one, is present customers with options which allow them to showcase personality and remain 'themselves' throughout the pandemic.

Most of all, as discussed in a recent silk face mask exploration on This Morning, all our silk masks are machine washable and protect those around you from your germs while promoting a much easier and more comfortable wearer experience.

UNCU London’s brand of 100% mulberry silk face mask collection launches  on Monday 10 August 2020.

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