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Revealed: The Secrets to Better Sleep and Self-Care

secrets to better sleep silk bedding by uncu london

From anxiety caused by successive lockdowns to wider pandemic woes, there is a never-ending list of dilemmas which are impacting our ability to sleep, leaving our self care and skincare routines in despair.

Luckily, we have got a few tops from inside the industry which will not only help you sleep better, but can also ensure that while you sleep, your body and mind is able to effectively reset itself - leaving you fresh and ready to face another day.

Leave devices behind

Playing on your phone or laptop just before bed is not only detrimental to relaxation, but also puts a strain on your eyes, making it more difficult for your brain to switch off. Before starting your bedtime routine, put your devices away in another room. If you need a phone beside you, it’s recommended that you turn off your notifications, or make use of its ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

Create a regular sleep schedule

It’s important to indulge in a routine which gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself for bed. The pandemic has called a schism surrounding our day to day habits, including our sleep and self-care schedules. Crucially, inject some regularity back into your routine. Masks have become a particular pain point, causing many to suffer from ‘maskne’ - in essence, acne caused by face masks.

Add a little luxury to your routine

Thankfully in today’s world, we don’t have to break the bank in order to add some well-deserved luxury to our routines. To mitigate the impact of masks, protect your skin with products which include Salicylic Acid. An anti-blemish treatment, this can be used daily to minimise the appearance of spots and blackheads. Conversely, products such as Hyaluronic Acid are game-changers, and can be used to plump and soften the skin.

Highly commended for democratising the skincare and self-care industry, brands such as The Ordinary are fantastic when it comes to protecting your skin, without forcing you to spend a significant amount of your pay packet in order to do so.

Mulberry Silk is the beauty industry’s best kept secret and is a great supplement to consistent skin and sleep routines. Created with a unique construction, it keeps hair smooth and silky, while also combatting the harmful effect of cheap materials which rub against the skin. The UNCU London Sleep Collection includes a range of Mulberry Silk pillowcases, luxury silk eye masks and hair wraps, all uniquely designed to optimise healthy hair, sleep and skin. The fabric is gentle, enabling natural moisture to be retained overnight, minimising fine lines and static hair.

Looking ahead

Quality sleep, self-care and skincare routines are gifts which many of us forego thanks to the demands of modern life. However, with key products and lifestyle changes, you can invite positive bedtime rituals into even the busiest of routines.

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