How to Perfect Your Summer Skin Routine

How to Perfect Your Summer Skin Routine

Is your skin suffering in summertime? Perfecting your summer skin routine is as simple as shopping UNCU London.

Summer is the season of beach waves and dewy glows, but if you have the same skincare routine all year round, it’s no wonder your skin can look a little dull. Different seasons require different moisturisers, balms, and lotions. Here are our top skincare tips for looking your beautiful best, even when the temperature gets a little too hot to handle.  

Worried about your summer haircare routine? We already covered how to keep those locks lustrous. Today, let’s focus on making the most of your summer skin.

Summer Skin Concerns

Summer might be your favourite time of year, but the harsh sun brings a range of skincare problems. The constant perspiration can lead to breakouts. Nothing puts you off a summer romance better than acne. The sun brings chapped lips and dry skin. It can leave you with a prickly heat rash, or even lead to chafing in uncomfortable areas. Worst of all, the sun can cause sunburn and eventual skin cancer, so we need to take extra care to protect ourselves while we are enjoying those rays. 

Some of the most common skincare problems include:

  • Sunburn
  • Prickly heat rashes
  • Acne breakouts from greasy lotions
  • Premature aging
  • Dry skin, hair, and chapped lips

Now that we have identified the main problems, let’s solve them.

Skincare Tips for High Summer

Always remember these three rules when preparing summer skin: use light moisturisers, high UV protection, and keep your skin as bare as you can. Here are further summer skin care tips for our list above and our UNCU London solutions for your summer skincare concerns.

1 – Sunburn
To deal with sunburn, you need to up your UV protection. Try a UV moisturiser or BB cream in the evenings before bed. This Calm Face Oil from Floragy Skincare should calm your skin down between bouts of sunbathing. Through the day, you need a high enough factor of suntan lotion to prevent burning and redness. 

floragy calm face oil

2 – Prickly Heat
You can treat prickly heat rashes with a cool pack or ice wrapped in a towel. Hold the cold item to your rash for up to twenty minutes. If the rash is one your face, you may wish to prevent further breakouts by using silk sleeping masks for their antibacterial qualities. This Mulberry silk travel set has a silk facemask you could wear through the day instead of a fabric one.

3 – Acne Breakouts
The best way to prevent an acne breakout on holiday is to use a grease-free suntan lotion. Stay away from oily sunscreen and opt for moisture-based products, instead. Ensure you are cleansing, toning, and moisturising every day, preferably twice. This three-step skincare routine should get you back on track. 

4 – Premature Aging
The sun does invisible damage to your face which can add to the appearance of aging. Do your best to prevent this in high temperatures with our summer skin routine. We combine the Floragy three-step skincare routine above with our UNCU London Mulberry Silk sleep set. This contains a mask to ensure rested eyes, and a silk pillow, proven to help slow down and reduce the effects of time.

5 – Dry Hair, Skin, and Chapped Lips
You need a moisture boost – stat! We suggest you slather yourself in Nourish Multi-Balm and on a Mulberry silk pillowcase to sleep with at night. A new lip balm with a high SPF or UV factor will also help. 


Need Help with Travel Skincare?

Remember, you can get UNCU London products made for travelling, if you are heading abroad. Similarly, our experts already covered winter skincare routines if we caught you in the wrong season. 



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