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How the Pandemic Changed How We Treat Our Homes and Ourselves for the Better

UNCU london luxury pure silk mulberry pillowcases in black pink and marble

When news of the pandemic first hit, it was distressing for the masses. Despite the distressing news that occurred during this time, there was also a lot of resilience, and many found they could explore who they were in detail.

As such, many learned new skills, while others invested time in hobbies that would otherwise be cast aside. 

The onset of the pandemic also meant more people were working from home. This soon meant the style of the home became a primary focus for many, with many rejuvenating their surroundings in unique ways.

Realising how the home can be transformed soon lead to self-care becoming important, a trend that should have never gone out of fashion.

Before long, the two were intertwining, leading to people investing in luxurious furnishings and fixtures to ensure that the home is more than a shelter, but a true reflection of themselves.

UNCU London understands that comfort can come in many forms, which is why it offers a wide choice of luxurious items that can help create a peaceful abode and avoid a restless state of mind.

If you want to explore the benefits of the trends that appeared during the pandemic that have been adopted by the masses for the long term, then why not consider the following? 


Make a Luxurious Statement with Marble-Inspired Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

A good night’s sleep is one of the more important elements of self-care to consider, so it stands to reason that people will want to take advantage of the best silk pillowcases available. Fortunately, UNCU London can offer a wide range of luxurious silk pillowcases.

Options include the marble-inspired Mulberry silk pillowcases, designed to look fantastic and offer several benefits, including maintaining moisture levels for skin and hair.


Retreat to Your Own Respite with Stylish Silk Sleep Masks

Although silk pillowcases can help a good night’s sleep while providing benefits for the hair and skin, a clear mind is also important.

Distractions can come in different forms, but if they are keeping you awake, why not take advantage of a Silk Sleep Mask from UNCU London? Mulberry Silk Eye Masks are available in three different designs, Marble, Pink and Black.

Each mask is crafted from a luxurious 22-momme Mulberry silk, so those searching for a premium product at an affordable price need to look no further than the wide selection of silk sleep masks.


Harness the Full Potential of Your Hair With 100% Silk Hair Wraps

Another form of self-care is the management of hair. Hair wraps have become commonplace because of their simplicity and effectiveness. However, to get the most from hair wraps, you need to ensure they are of premium quality.

UNCU London can offer silk hair wraps in several designs. As each wrap is crafted from silk, you can be confident that your hair will also be in the best condition.

If you are searching for something silky but simple, then why not consider the 100% Black Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap.

Similarly, if you are looking for something that reflects your personality, then the Leopard Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap and Champagne Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap are worth considering, 

The products listed are a mere overview of the luxurious items available when shopping with UNCU London. Whether you want to improve the quality of your own life, or make a difference to someone else’s, UNCU London will have the perfect product in every instance. 

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