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Eco-Friendly Packaging

So often we see brands losing themselves in the value of their end product and what that product can do for the customer – whether it’s designed to enhance wellness, health, or lifestyle. However, we know that there’s a little more to it than that. 

Brands who care about consumers, should also care about what their customers care about. And one of the biggest focus points right now, for customers of all ages and lifestyles, is the environment and the importance of being eco-friendly – particularly as we celebrated World Earth Day on 22nd April. 


Introducing our eco-friendly packaging

As soon as your UNCU London package drops through the letterbox, you will see the changes we have made to standard packaging in order to reduce our environmental impact. For one thing, the packaging itself will only ever be as big as it needs to be – none of those large boxes full of packing paper and stuffing here! 

Our black gift boxes are made from kraft paper cardboard, with the product bags themselves completely BPA free and free from other toxic substances. If you order more than one item, our shipping bags are also 100% biodegradable and reusable. 


Why the focus on eco-friendly packaging?

We care about what you care about, and our standards are as high as your expectations. 

We believe that social responsibility stretches beyond our brand’s service to consumers – it also makes us guardians of our environment and our industry. As a brand in the fashion market, it is our job to recognise how damaging fast fashion can be to the environment, and to do what we can to combat and counteract the damage being done. That’s why we not only embrace eco-friendly packaging, but also use pure mulberry silk, which is free from chemicals and other nasty ingredients, to create long-lasting face masks which retain their quality wash after wash... 

Why not acknowledge this year’s World Earth Day by embracing small changes in your own lifestyle and surroundings, whether it be by supporting a small eco-friendly business or reducing your own carbon footprint! 



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