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Show you’re committed – to fashion and to public safety

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Show you are committed to fashion as the government calls for face masks to be worn across all public transport from 15th June 2020, the UK is facing a revolution in the fashion world – with the rise of face masks and face coverings set to overtake other products as we make the best of the “new normal”.

When the pandemic began and disposable face masks started to fly off the shelves almost as quickly as toilet paper and bread flour, UK designers and retailers faced a decision – to continue to push their usual products and hope for the best, or to embrace the change and meet an ever-increasing demand.

Enter UNCU London – the home of UK-based reusable fashion face masks which meet the needs of our community while allowing buyers to continue to showcase their individual style and unique personality, with classic bold colours, vibrant prints and stylish patterns.

Wearing face masks in the UK is no longer optional but a responsibility we all have – one which will allow us to protect those around us, protect ourselves, and continue to do our bit towards preserving life and keeping as many people as safe as possible. While masks will not protect you from catching the virus, what they can do is prevent you from spreading your germs to others – meaning that if we all do our bit and wear a mask in the most cramped of public spaces, we can all keep our own germs from spreading.

Are you committed to fashion and public safety? 

These new rules laid out by the government, which state that face masks must be worn on all public transport or else risk fines, have been put in place as a means of public safety – but they don’t mean we all have to hide behind bland masks and shield our true selves.

Here at UNCU London, we believe that everything you do and wear is an opportunity to be creative and to show the world who you are, and our cloth face masks are no different - specially designed to show that not only do you still have style, but you also respect the community and are committed to doing your bit. What could possibly be more current and “on trend” than that?

What does a UNCU cotton face mask do?

Well, for a start our face masks are all reusable – acting under our sustainable model which ensures customers can continue to wear their face mask time and time again, thanks to the comfortable 100% cotton lining, adjustable ear sliders for an optimum fit, and breathable design.

Our masks are all dust proof and friendly for even the most sensitive skin – in fact, they’re uniquely designed so as to provide safe coverage for those engaging in exercise as well as those simply going about their day – meaning that even the most avid joggers can indulge in their daily exercise safe in the knowledge that they are protected, and that they look great. And on top of that, every mask comes with a handy travel bag so you can keep your protective face mask safe and free from harm on the go.

And then of course there’s the design element. From contemporary black face masks to designer prints, urban patterns and funky florals, our face masks have been designed with the most fashion forward users in mind, allowing you to turn your protective face mask into an accessory and helping us all to embrace this new way of life in the most stylish way possible.

As we, like the rest of the world, respond to the demands of our government’s guidelines and regulation updates, our face masks will be ready to ship from 15th June 2020 and are available to pre-order NOW.

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