10 summer haircare tips

10 Summer Haircare Tips

10 summer haircare tips


Worried about wearing your hair out this summer? Here is some sound advice on summer haircare for fuller, lustrous locks.

If you don’t change your haircare routine seasonally, you risk dry, damaged hair and split ends. The summer sun can bleach out colour and leave hair looking dull and washed out. Protect your hair with these ten summer haircare tips that should see your holiday hair healthy, from May to September and beyond.


Protect your Hair from Damage and Split Ends with These 10 Tips

Here is what the experts advise when it comes to saving your summer hair.

1 – Go Full Spa

When it comes to keeping your hair happy this summer, opt for full nourishment. Hair spa products, detanglers, moisture-rich masks, anything that can put moisture back into your hair is a must-have.

2 – Use Silk Scrunchies

Do you feel like your standard hair bands are breaking your hair more in summer? Dry hair gets damaged easily. Protect it using silk scrunchies instead of harsh elastics. You can even get skinny scrunchies in 100% silk, too. 

3 – Avoid Sun Damage

The sun is the biggest threat to a healthy summer hairstyle. Keep your hair protected from those harsh UV rays by wearing a hat. A scarf, bonnet, or silk wrap is also acceptable. UV damage causes protein loss in your hair. The absorption of radiation also causes colour changes.

4 – Avoid the Hairdryer

The hairdryer makes hair heat damage far worse in the summer. Your hair is already getting enough heat under those UV rays. Ditch the hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally throughout the day. 

5 – Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic, help fight acne breakouts, and silk for curly hair is the best way to protect it. The coarser your hair type, the more a silk pillow becomes a necessity. The pillowcases protect against tangles and damage caused in your sleep. 

6 – Use Serums and Oils

You should use argan oils, protein rich serums, and other moisture-locking oils in your hair during summer to protect it. Be sparing. Oils can do more harm than good if you lather them on. Some expert recommended hair oils for summer include coconut, jojoba, and argan based oils. 

7 – Don’t Overwork It

When your hair is under UV pressure, coloured, and styled, it can all be too much. Your hair can become dull and dry. You may notice more split ends or lifeless looking hair. Don’t overwork it. Concentrate on moisture over styling.

8 – 100% Mulberry Silk Hair Wraps can Help Curly Hair 

If you don’t have a silk pillow yet, investing in a 100% Mulberry silk hair wrap is a good alternative. Wrap your hair at night to protect it from tangles. Silk for curly hair protects against friction and keeps summer hair healthy.

9 – Use a Chelating Shampoo 

Chelating shampoos are clarifying shampoos. They remove build ups in the hair. When you are in and out of the pool or using suntan oil, build ups come often and clog up your pores. Chelating shampoo will reverse this, as well as reversing damage by hard water.

10 – If all else fails try Apple Cider Vinegar

Expert hair stylist David Mallett told Vogue France that his “radical but effective” cure for summer dried hair is apple cider vinegar. Remove impurities and breathe life into dry or damaged hair by sponging on a water-based mixture of this miraculous product. 



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